Selected Projects

Communicating with Computers

This is a DARPA funded project to build intelligent minecraft agent that can communicate and collaborate with humans through chat to build structures. [ video ]

Learning Sparse Graph for GNN

Used meta-learning techniques to optimize the graph structure of obtain sparse graph for GNN.

Causal inference from Protein Expression Data

Discovering causal molecular relationships from the evaluation of observational data using do-calculus. [ details ]


Developed an interface that allows users with basic understanding of ER Diagrams to provide search bias for Inductive Logic Programming based. As described in Hayes et al. 2017. [ code ]

RL for Healthcare

Learning polices for management of children on ECMO using batch reinforcement learning techniques. [ details ]

SRL model for credit default

Learnt and evaluated a statistical relational model for Kaggle Home credit default risk dataset and compared it with propositional models.

My leisure projects